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Florilla: A Pinelands Romance

Granddaughter of "The Pinelads Witch", daughter of the self-styled Wizard of the Pines and with powers of her own, eleven-year old Florilla Munion finds herslef abandoned deep in the New Jersey Pinelands. Rescued by the itinerant Dr. Peace, she is taken to Benderville, a model mill town in the heart of the Pines owned by the doctor's old friend, the eccentric, progressive Benjamin Bender. But Benderville is only the beginning of Florilla's journey to love. Her abusive father who knows her powers would benefit his act is a constant threat. She grows up, falls in love with an English botanist, is separated from him by circumstanc. The story wends its way from the New Jersey Pinelands to the mills of Massachusetts as Florilla searrches for her place in the world and her lost love..